Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Museum Trip - London Edition!

Having become an associate member since moving up to London last month, and with Mum here visiting (so both of us missing this weeks meet up at Royal Cornwall Museum, we took it upon ourselves to do our own museum trip!

We headed to the Natural History Museum and found our way to the top of floor of the earth section - Eli was fairly intrigued by all the crystals and precious gems, I think he liked the sparkles!  I have already decided what I am going to do for this project, (after I have started and finished Decay of course!!) it's going to be inspired by the crystals and Bjork - I'll explain more once its made!

Mum took lots of photos today, but these are my favourite (and the ones I took!), unfortunately I can't remember what they all were and didn't photo the labels!!

I just loved how nature can create such geometric shapes!

I really liked the veins running through this opal block, it reminded me of a textile technique, which of course I can't quite remember either!

Ok, so this wasn't taken in the Natural History Museum, but in the V&A, they have a new light installation in the foyer.  I only noticed it when we were leaving and didn't really have the time to find out who or what it is.  It is almost a shame that its been positioned in the foyer.  I didn't notice it on the way in because I was busy getting my bag ready for a search and then on the way out you're encouraged not to block the entrance...  It does however, mean that I will have to go back and explore again!  Shame.

I hope that the Cornish trip was as successful as our day!

- Becca

Friday, 13 September 2013

Trebah Gardens

It has been a little while since I have written on the Blog, mainly because we have been busy with family visits during the Summer.  So anyway here I am.  We have had a couple lovely days out with the 'Maids', our first as you will know was to Trebah Gardens, and the second was to Cardinham Woods, Bodmin, which was meant to be for a coffee and ended up, for some of us, lunch as well.  We can all highly recommend the Woods Cafe for both!!

I thought you may like to see a few of the 'Texture' challenge pieces.  We all have such different ideas and it is always lovely to 'Show & Tell' and get to understand the source of our inspirations.  And also how some challenges come easy and how other are a bit more tricky! 
I have finished my Trebah Challenge and have cleverly called it 'Trebah Gardens'!!! I found this challenge a struggle, because although it is beautiful at Trebah, it was difficult for me to see how I could portray my feelings.  I took a beautiful photo of my Grandson Eli tucking into cake and thought that I may use that, but eventually decided against it (may be I will re-visit at a later stage), and I ended up using the Gunera leaf.
Trebah Gardens
Each leaf is cut out of either fabric, paper, Tyvek, scrim, Lutrador or vanishing fabric, and layered up onto of a photocopy of the map, which I covered in PVA.  The quilting in the lines from the map with a few of the key words included.  I have also added the label to the front, but scattered across the piece.

I think I need to move away from Green for 'Decay' and although I haven't started it yet I do know what I want to do!

I will be away visiting Rebecca (who although has moved is still a member and will be taking part in our monthly challenges) for our next meeting, so we will be popping into the Natural History Museum instead of Royal Cornwall Museum to get inspiration.

Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Decay challenge...

Hello everyone,

A while ago we had some building work done, after they finished I found three pieces of metal that had peeled off their cement mixer. With such lovely rusted markings I couldn't bring myself to throw them away, so I pinned them to my wall hoping to use as inspiration at some point.

If you haven't already realised I'm a big fan of anything old or rusty and I wanted my Decay piece to be colourful, making these peelings an ideal subject.

The next photo shows the section I used, as you can see some beautiful colours.

Here's my interpretation......

'Oxidized Decay' 
Hand dyed fabrics and scrim, rusted fabric, net, raw edge appliqué, free machine quilting, embellished with french knots and seed stitching.

Hope you enjoyed, back soon