Saturday, 29 March 2014


On hearing what our challenge was, my first thought was  "Zentangle".
This is where shapes are split into sections, then in-filled with simple repetitive patterns.  Basically doodling using black ink on white paper.
(Apparently a technique developed by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts.)

I fancied incorporating this technique with an Erte' type fashion drawing.  I have this super book of "Fashion Drawings and illustrations from Harper's Bazar by Erte'.
The book is mainly in black and white and is very inspiring.

The Erte' greyhound type dog is not to my taste, so I thought I would go for a plumper variety.

I triple stitched the outline and in-filled with hand and machine embroidery. Painted some bits. Echo quilted. Trimmed.
And finally finished it off  by embellishing with crystals that look like diamonds. Bling Bling Bling. Lovely....

Finished and I am pleased with the result. 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Your Gift: A Sewing Machine...

Have you heard of Send a Cow? Well, as sewing is such a big part of all our lives we have decided to raise fund to Send a Sewing Machine.

At each meeting we are holding a bring and buy sale between ourselves, over the course of just three meetings we are heading towards our target of £60 which is the cost of one machine. Of course we want to send more than one machine, so will continue with our bring and buy and we'll also have a donation box at our exhibition in September, we'll keep you posted on our progress.

As always it's interesting seeing everyone's interpretation of each challenge, they all differ but still sit so well together. It was rather spooky when this subject was pulled from the tin considering the recent weather conditions.
Here are some of the pieces...

'After the Rain'Challenge

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


My original idea for this piece was for a Zentangle in red, however, it gradually changed into "Hearts and Flowers".  A collage using various red and shades of red fabric, lace, beads and sequin waste.  The applique hearts and flowers are cut from velvet making full use of the nap.

After the Rain

I wanted my interpretation to represent the positive side of rain - the flowers.
The  background fabric is coloured using Brusho powders and is the result of, literally , "after the rain" has blended the colours together. Its embellished with little Suffolk puffs, crystals and beads.
Thanks for reading my first venture into the Blog!!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

After The Rain

I have just finished my piece of work on the theme of "After the rain" - how appropriate it was to think about this subject given the terrible winter we have just experienced in Cornwall.

My main influence was the visual effect that you get in the winter when bare trees are reflected in large puddles. I took a walk in nearby Kennel Vale Nature Reserve after the storms and took lots of photographs which were my main influence on the project.

I wanted to create a more abstract effect rather then a literal image and I tried out some of the techniques that I learnt about at a recent workshop at Cowslip with Cas Holmes. I experimented with a collage of printed papers and fabrics which I then added to this base with free machine embroidery and some further painting.

I have really enjoyed this project because I was able to try out the techniques that I had felt so excited about at the workshop, and I find thats the best way to really get them into your head and hand!

Hope you enjoy see the results, chris.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Just for the joy of stitching...

Here is my piece for our 'After the Rain' challenge. I was a little stuck with this title, but while trawling through my stash I came across some Sun Dyed fabrics.
So, no sketch book work just the shear pleasure of freely cutting, stitching and free machine quilting..

...I added some hand dyed fabrics and finished with a little hand embellishment to disperse the colour.

Short and sweet this time, thanks for reading