Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Challenges and self doubt...

This challenge has been a challenge for me indeed. As I showed you in the last post I've chosen to use an old piece of work for Evolution. I had many options open to me, but I decided to leave the piece whole, paint it and see how things progressed.

Turns out it needed many layers of paint until I thought it was finished. I find self doubt so prohibiting, especially when choosing to explore a new way of working and use a different medium to achieve it. Although, I did enjoy the process and I love how the paint has shown up the textures of the stitching.  

Here are a few close up snaps. It's definitely evolved, nothing like the original piece. I'll post the whole piece after next weeks meeting. Talking of which, we're having an experimental day so we should have some interesting goodies to post.

detail of  'Strata' 

detail of 'Strata' 

detail of 'Strata'

detail of 'Strata'

Hope you've enjoyed this sneaky peek.