Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Merry Meeting in May

Here we are again, Dear Reader with an update on the on-going saga of the 'Preparation for the Exhibition'.
Not quite so many Maids at this month's meeting but we had a great time and once again some really awesome work has been produced. 


We have a stunning peacock inspired one. a beautiful, blue fishy one. a super dressing up with a lovely 3D dress one ( I think it was a Great British Sewing Bee moment Sue), an amazing volcanic visitation one and a creepy dinosaur/lizard/crocodile one.
Chris once again spent most of the day taking photographs - she is tireless! Thank you Chris.
Our sales table this month took on a particularly green hue with several plants for sale. Maids left the meeting clutching their Cosmos, Verbena, Borage, Amberboa, Echium, Ipomoea and Runner Bean plants.
You may remember that we are collecting money to buy one or more sewing machines to send to Africa and our little sales table each month is slowly getting us there. There will be an opportunity to donate to this very worthwhile cause at our exhibition and I hope people with help us to help communities struggling against the odds. It will be great to think that while we are using our machines in Fraddon someone half a world away will be  using a machine we have provided them so that they can provide for their family.
No more challenges now, just completing those unfinished ones and re-doing those that are not quite the business. It really is an exciting time.
If you have been following us on our (sorry Debbie) journey, you may think you have seen it all and don't need to come to Heartlands in September but, Dear Reader you would be wrong.
 So, check the dates in your diary - September 20th -26th Heartlands, Pool, Redruth, and remember - you ain't seen nothing yet!
Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My trip to Malvern

Dear all,

As you may know I went to the Malvern quilt show two weeks ago for my first time. There was some interesting work and I took a few photos of the ones I liked...
Hope you enjoy seeing them, Chris

Exhibition in Truro Cathedral

At long last the exhibition that everyone has been planning for a long time is nearly here .... with lots of help from members of the Textile Maids: Jane has created St Piran Quilt all by herself, Sue and Carolyn (as Beyond Patchwork) have have made the St Enoder banner, and Chris has helped with the design of of St Budoc.
Lets hope it all goes with a swing! 

Friday, 23 May 2014


At first I was thinking about hair or fur but then I decided to base this piece of work on the silvery shoals of Cornish Pilchards.  Which were caught and preserved and eaten - skin and all.

I started by making a stamp, but I didn't use it in the end, except for in my sketchbook.
I did a drawing of a fish, painted it and reproduced it over and over again.
I then printed it on fabric, handmade paper and lutradur.

I then layered it all up with a batik and some knitted cotton. Sprinkled with glitter.
Topping it off with a lurex mesh.

I used metal shim to make the fish embellishment and added Coconut Shell and Wood Beads.

FINISHED! now on to Doorways.


Friday, 2 May 2014

Monochrome compositions

Our first attempt at blogging, with helpful instructions, thank you Margaret, and photos, thank you Chris.

Some of our group interpreted this last month's challenge of "Monochrome" as working in one colour, and others as working in black and white. But yet again, what a varied response! Here are some of the results.......

A few of these have already had mention on this blog, so we won't repeat things.  The others are by some of  the newer members to the group:  someone working in her favoured palette, using skills recently picked up from Sue & Carolyn on collages; three little felt calves appliqued onto a raw edged patchwork background inspired by a workshop from the Somerset Textile artist Viv White;  a lovely ethnic design using an embellisher and finished by adding handmade paper beads; Thermofax  screen printed seedheads on another collage background of vintage fabrics with machine and hand embroidery and last but not least a  glorious white snail in the bottom corner with machine embroidery using thick thread in the bobbin and trapunto techniques.

 At this meeting established members brought along their finished challenges in preparation for the exhibition at Heartlands in September, WOW!! were we impressed.The work was so varied, inspirational and such a visual delight.

There are not  many more monthly challenges now before our exhibition at Heartlands, and we are really beginning to focus on that, so lots of busy and exciting days ahead.

If you can come and see our work there you will not be disappointed. We are also fundraising for sewing machines to empower women less fortunate than ourselves in less developed countries, so please come along and support if you can.
Thanks for reading,
Debbie & Barbara