Saturday, 10 October 2015

A response to our day out

In August most of the group spent a lovely day out at Pine Lodge Gardens near St Austell. We decided to make a piece of work in response to the garden visit, and try to finish this within the month, as some of us have been missing the fast deadlines of our first two years!

Clearly having a deadline worked for me, and I have been able to get this small 12 x 12 piece done in time to hand it over tomorrow to Margaret - she is organising a small display of some Textile Maids work in the village hall at the end of the month.  Here is my final piece, and below is the quick sketch done the day and a photograph I took for reference. I hope you enjoy as much as I did - its been great to work fast again. I seem to have spent that last year working at a snails pace!

Regards, chris

A Holy Well... finished at last!

I am very pleased to be able to post a finished piece of work, the first in a series based on the Holy Wells of Cornwall.  This work is based on St Ruan's Well near Cadgwith on the Lizard. I decided before I started any stitching I would so some drawing, and on one of the first hot days of this spring I sat down and quickly made this sketch.

 I do think that making drawing part of my design process has made me look more carefully at the subject,  and I am hoping to keep that habit going!

I also took a few photographs focussing on the vegetation surrounding around the well and close ups of the granite. In particular there was a great mass of bare blackthorn stems which had an amazing texture which I rather liked...  During the period that I was starting to develop this project, I attended a weekend screen printing workshop with Vineta Cable at Cowslip Workshops. I decided to create some textured fabrics inspired by the photographs, and these prints of granite stones, grasses and blackthorn stems were all eventually used in the final piece. I loved the images of the tangle of ferns but this was not used in the final work as I had decided it wasn't possible to include imagery of the inside of the well. So I think I will be saving that for another project!


Thank you for reading this post, 
I hope you have enjoyed seeing some finished work from me - at last!  
Regards, Chris