Friday, 30 November 2012

First Meeting

‘Textile Maids’ is a group of like-minded Contemporary Artist in Cornwall, providing encouragement; creative direction and the enhancement of techniques, with a view to collaborating in exhibitions.

Well, after months of Sue & I (Beyond Patchwork) thinking about it and weeks of planning, we had our first Textile Maids meeting today at the Red River Cafe at Heartlands.

It was lovely to meet everyone and hopefully it is the start of something special.

Heartlands  was the perfect place to have our first meeting and will be the source inspiration for our first monthly challenge.  We plan on making a 12" square wall-hanging every month in which ever medium we fancy, just so long as it is loosely based on textiles.

We will all be positng on our blog and adding photos as and when we have them.  Our first full day will be in January, so there may not be much activity until them, but we will keep you posted!