Thursday, 31 January 2013

I really enjoyed the first meeting with the group. It was so interesting seeing what everyone was working on and how different all our pieces were. I am going to use the blog to record my inspirations for the different elements in my Heartlands piece.

I mentioned to some of you about the workshop I did with Lou Gardiner last weekend. Here is the link to the video about her

and also her website is

Looking forward to seeing how this blog works out and sharing our thought and ideas as the month goes by!  I will add my finished Heartlands piece once it has its borders on!
Chris Treweek

The winding cable

Stitching based on winding cable

The map of the tin mines under Heartlands
Stitching inspired by underground map of mines

Rusty stains running down a wall inside the winding house

Stitching inspired by rusty marks

Rusty old tank

Stitching inspired by the rusty tank. I was pleased to incorporate anew technique on tis piece, that I was introduced to by Lou Gardiner at a workshop the previous weekend.

Close up of the metal cage that used to take miners down into the mine

I used the structure of the cage to create a piece that I could drop the other images into