Monday, 9 July 2018

Fragility - Containment - Unrestricted...

I'm a little later than usual with our blog, so I have to confess I've been enjoying the wonderful weather we're having here in Cornwall. Although the hot nights make sleeping difficult I wouldn't dream of complaining.

Here are a few detailed snaps from our June meeting to share with you...

Sue - 'Fragility' 

Jenni - 'Containment'

Liz - 'Containment'

Margaret - 'Containment'

Debbie - 'Unrestricted' 

Diana - 'Unrestricted'  

Chris - 'Unrestricted' 

Liz - 'Unrestricted' 

Maggie - 'Unrestricted' 1

Maggie - 'Unrestricted' 2

Rosemary - 'Unrestricted' 

Sue - 'Unrestricted'

Hope you enjoyed seeing our progress. Now I have cards to make for the exhibition, so I'm off to find a shady spot and do some gentle hand stitching, hope you're managing to do the same.

Thanks for reading our post, back soon.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Ticking the boxes...

Our meeting in May was all about flyers, labels and leaflets, printing deadlines and venue layouts. All much needed background work to make any exhibition a success. Great progress was made, so it's thinking caps on to write descriptions and explanation!

Here are a few snaps to share with you...

Liz - 'Containment'

Jane - 'Unrestricted'

Chris - samples for 'Unrestricted'

Margaret - samples for 'Unrestricted'

Rosemary - 'Unrestricted'

Sue - 'Unrestricted'

Hope you enjoyed this brief update of our pieces in progress.
Back soon

Thursday, 26 April 2018

From 'Containment' to 'Unrestricted'...

A more sedate meeting took place this month. Final decisions were made on our flyers, it's so exciting when all the elements for an exhibition start coming together. 'Unrestricted' has set the Maids thoughts soaring, so we had interesting conversations at show and tell about ongoing pieces and also readjustments to previous work. All in all a delightful gathering with delicious coffee cake to keep our energy level up.

Here's a mixture of themes to share with you... 

Debbie - 'Containment' 

Sue - 'Fragility' work in progress

Jane - sketchbook cover

Jenni - sample piece for 'Containment' 

Chris - samples for 'Unrestricted' 

Margaret - samples for 'Unrestricted' 

Rosemary - 'Unrestricted' work in progress

Maggie - sample for 'Unrestricted'

Liz - 'Unrestricted' work in progress

Thanks for visiting, back soon.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Cornwall.Collected at Exeter...

Here are a few snaps of our work at the Spring Quilt Festival, Exeter to share with you...

Top row...Margaret and Rosemary. Bottom row...Sue and Jenni


Top row...Debbie and Jane. Bottom row...Chris

In memory of Margaret Garrood

Thank you to Grosvenor Shows for inviting us to exhibit with them once again.

Bye for now,

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Busy March meeting...

With our chainREACTION exhibition getting ever closer, we thought it was time to make a start on the designs for our flyers and advertising. Each of us brought two pieces of work to be photographed, we then discussed the layout, after a little tweaking we'll make a final decision at the next meeting.

Also on the agenda was our final theme...'Unrestricted' was chosen. We should complete these pieces by June giving us time to concentrate on exhibition planning and any finishing touches.

We then discussed our next body of work after chainREACTION. I can't reveal any details just yet, but I can say it sounds pretty exciting.

Alongside all this we had our Cornwall.Collected pieces with us, packed and ready for delivery to the Spring Quilt Festival, Exeter, which is on this weekend from 6th-8th April.

After all the organising was done it was good to sit and listen to the show'n'tell for 'Containment' and a few pieces from previous themes that we hadn't seen finish.

Below are detailed snaps to share with you, starting with a very tactile lampshade...

Jenni - 'Undulating' 

Margaret - 'Fragility'

Diana - 'Fragility'

Chris - 'Fragility'

Jenni - 'Fragility'

Rosemary 'Fragility'

Moving on to 'Containment'...

Debbie -'Containment'

Diana - 'Containment'

Jane - 'Containment'

Liz - 'Containment'

Sue - 'Containment'

Maggie - 'Containment'

Chris - 'Containment'

Rosemary - 'Containment'

Hope you enjoyed our post today and if you visit our Cornwall.Collected pieces at Exeter please let us know what you think.

Bye for now

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Progress on 'Containment'...

An unusual weather occurrence, for Cornwall at least, prevented us from meeting at the end of February. But, not to be deterred we met this week with tales of being snowed in and sharing beautiful photos of snow covered landscapes.

A change in the date and Maids having prior engagements meant we were a little thin on the ground, still an enjoyable gathering but I've only a few snaps to share with you...

Margaret - 'Undulating' piece

Working on her 'Undulating' piece, Margaret had an experimental day sampling the effects of adding tissue paper insets. Since the last meeting more orange French knots have been added and this has, somehow, made the stitched words stand out.

Sue - 'Containment' piece

My work on Loe Beach and re-purposing continues with my piece for 'Containment'. Previously this was a cushion I had on the sofa and no longer matched my decor. I added free motion quilting, couched wool, French knots, acrylic paint and painted bondaweb. Originally the colours were blue, rust and mustard. I'm considering cutting this piece up and re-joining to resemble the layers of a stone I picked up at Loe Beach and used for colour inspiration, I may also add some painted papers...samples in progress. I'm thinking this will sit along side the stone in a box.

Jane - 'Containment' piece

Jane brought her beautiful finished piece for 'Containment', I wish I could have shown you the whole piece. It features one of her carefully embroidered birds, this time a falcon, which was hooded and tethered, skilfully representing containment.

Rosemary - 'Containment' piece

Another piece for 'Containment', this time Behind Bars was from Rosemary. Detailed hand stitching, painting, locks and keys all gave a good representation of containment.

Maggie - 'Containment' piece

Maggie continued to add hand stitching to her 'Containment' piece. This was felted from the back giving a delicate feel to the landscape on the front.

We'll have our finished 'Containment' pieces at the next meeting and choose our final word. We should be back to full strength so I'll have more snaps to share with you.

Bye for now,