Monday, 10 April 2017

Evolution and the next challenge...

You'll find below a few snaps from our meeting last month which I should have posted sooner, but with the lovely weather we've been having and a new garden to entertain me, I'm afraid the garden won.

Here's a few detail snaps of work based on our Evolution challenge...






Margaret P


We also enjoy experimenting with a variety of melting materials, here's a selection of some of the beads...

You can also visit our Facebook page where Margaret has also posted images from last month.

Leading on from Evolution, our next challenge is Separation, so watch this space.

Back soon

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Challenges and self doubt...

This challenge has been a challenge for me indeed. As I showed you in the last post I've chosen to use an old piece of work for Evolution. I had many options open to me, but I decided to leave the piece whole, paint it and see how things progressed.

Turns out it needed many layers of paint until I thought it was finished. I find self doubt so prohibiting, especially when choosing to explore a new way of working and use a different medium to achieve it. Although, I did enjoy the process and I love how the paint has shown up the textures of the stitching.  

Here are a few close up snaps. It's definitely evolved, nothing like the original piece. I'll post the whole piece after next weeks meeting. Talking of which, we're having an experimental day so we should have some interesting goodies to post.

detail of  'Strata' 

detail of 'Strata' 

detail of 'Strata'

detail of 'Strata'

Hope you've enjoyed this sneaky peek.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Stages of Strata Evolution...

Here I am as promised with my thoughts behind my piece for our Evolution challenge.

My aim for this project is to re-purpose an existing piece of work. Having taught workshops in the past I have sample pieces that are no longer required. Rather than leave them gathering dust I thought I could put them to good use to create new work. I'm very much in favour of recycling, using old clothing/textiles for patchwork as it would have been, something with a story, a previous life...Evolution.

Below you will see I've chosen a free hand-cut piece, I made this at a workshop many years ago. It lay unfinished until a workshop sample was needed for Markel Paintstiks and Free Motion Quilting.

'Strata'...continuing it's 'Evolution'

Whilst I was researching Evolution I came across a quote which filled my brief perfectly...

A gradual process in which something
changes into a different and usually more
complex or better form... 

Initially I thought having a piece already made would only involve changing the look of it and wouldn't require samples or very much sketchbook work. But, the more I pondered how I was going to achieve this, the more I realised I didn't know how I wanted the end result to look. 
Should I cut it up to make smaller pieces, but what sizes? I knew I wanted to add paint and hand stitching, but should I do this before or after painting, should I cut it up at all? Did I want the painting to obliterate the original piece completely and what colour?

So, back to basics, start with a sketchbook and samples. My sketchbook is also a re-purposed workshop sample with pages already painted and it's only A5 size, so that alone will be a challenge for me.

re-purposed sketchbook

Having rummaged to find any of the original fabrics I made a sample piece, free machine quilted it as before, stitched french knots and a background layer of acrylic paint in white and black. This was then cut up and various painting options sampled.

stitched and painted samples

At the moment the bottom right is my favourite, but will it have the same effect on a larger scale? I think this piece is still at the Evolution stage and may yet evolve further.

I'm now in the process of stitching onto the original piece, adding french knots and layered seed stitch to create more texture, giving myself time to ponder while I stitch.

french knots and layered seed stitching

And here, looking completely different, are the six samples sitting on the original piece

painted samples on the original piece

Thank you for sticking with me this far, I'll keep you posted how this project progresses. We have a meeting tomorrow so I'll get lots of constructive feedback and hopefully we'll see you here soon with an update on the other Maids Evolution progress.

Bye for now

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Evolution Challenge...

There was much deliberation after our last exhibition as to where we should venture with our next body of work.
So, we've decided on a three month working period with a chosen abstract word. The next word will follow on, something like a chain reaction. We're not sure how this will pan out, but we're always up for a challenge.

Evolution was chosen in November, that gave us time to get our thinking caps on so we had thoughts and ideas to bring to the January meeting.

At our first meeting of 2017 last week there was much excitement to see each Maids interpretation. And what an assortment of topics turned up...evolution of the square, personal sewing, dragon flies, that's just a few of the responses, below are some snaps which may give you a better idea...

Margaret G





Margaret P



I'll leave it to the Maids to share the details of their topics with you, but I think you'll agree there's a diverse array of subjects being explored.

I'm hoping to carve out some time tomorrow and get stuck into my piece, which I will then try and share with you.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Post Card Exchange...

To keep our creative juices flowing over the festive season Rosemary set us a challenge - create a 6x4 postcard on the subject of 'New Beginnings', to be exchange as a Secret Santa at our local eatery in January.
Although at the time we were not very enthusiastic, we all agreed it was a good kick start to the new year.

The results below show, any title can inspire a creative bunch.

'New Beginnings' Post Card Exchange

Hope you enjoyed this brief post. I'll be back soon with news of our next challenge and share a few snaps from this months meeting.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our post, we'd love to hear any of your comments.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

New Beginnings

It has been quite a while Dear Reader since I have posted anything but here I am again and ready to get my teeth into our new challenge. I am not sure if I am allowed to divulge much information about our new theme but suffice to say all will be revealed after our meeting on Wednesday. Here is a photograph of my preparation and first attempts. I have, like most of us, lots of fabrics stashed away just waiting to be used and I have promised myself that I will not buy any new fabrics at all for this body of work. Can I do it? Does anyone care? I will let you know in time.
Cheers for now and hooray for lighter evenings and approaching Spring.
Margaret P

Preparation and Beginning

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Stencils,felt ball, printing and tea bread...

As you will see by the title of this post, our November meeting saw a very creative mix of techniques.
Still on experimental mode, we started with Jane and Margaret giving us a demo of their stencil cutting machines, then we were able to draw our own designs to use with Markals and paints.

Here are a few of our stencils...




Here we are adding paint and Markals





Rosemary decided to rearrange her design

Margaret then demonstrated how to make felted balls to sit inside acorn cups...



Of course it wasn't all about playing, we've had lengthy discussions about our next challenge. Obviously I can't reveal any details yet, but in the New Year we should have some creative bits to share with you, we'll keep you posted.

Before I finish today, thank you to those interested in joining Textile Maids, currently we are closed to new members.

I almost forgot the honey tea bread, I had a photo to show you but sorry to say I deleted it by mistake, (new camera's fault). But I can tell you it was very delishious and covered with a layer of real butter.

I'll leave you with that thought, back soon.