Saturday, 31 August 2013

'Trebah Grove'

Here's some sketch book work for my Trebah challenge, starting with a mind map and a history time-line...

mind map and time-line
mixed media and stitched samples...

sketch book work
my finished piece...

'Trebah Grove'
Painted and printed background fabric, used tea bags, cording, free machine stitching and free machine raw edge appliqué.

Thanks for reading

Monday, 26 August 2013

Double up on Trebah

Hello there once again. I haven't posted for a while - life outside Textile Maids has intervened but here I am with a pair of Trebahs!
I really enjoyed the day out and the things that made most impression on me were the bamboos, the reflection in the pond water and the paths. This quite surprised me as I do not really admire bamboos in a domestic garden situation at all but I really liked the patterns and the amazing variety of greens (and black). The reflection in the water is, I am sure, quite self explanatory and the paths meandering all over the place made really great patterns too.
The bamboo piece is a weaving using mainly bamboo yarn with a bit of black knitting yarn thrown in.


My second piece was based on the colours of Trebah and the many paths there. I tore up some fabric I had dyed at Di Wells workshop last month into strips and layered them to represent the changing colours. The yellow of course is the beach, blue the sea and pond and the many greens are the variety of vegetation. I stitched the paths with a variegated thread - hand and machine to finish. I wanted to keep it quite simple so have not embellished it further. I really like it especially the lovely effect of the dyeing.

paths and patterns   

There you go.
Thanks for looking


Saturday, 24 August 2013

Another piece completed!

Dear all.

Hope you are all having fun in the sun?

I have had another reasonably focussed week and made some progress on my "revival" piece.

This is called "Spring Revival in a Cornish Hedge"... or something like that!

Hope you enjoy seeing something finished by me at last. I will bring it along together with my Trebah piece with me when we meet next week

Looking forward to seeing you all, chris

Monday, 12 August 2013

Hello Girls,

Hope you had fun at the big quilting festival, those of you who went up to Birmingham?

I have at last had some time to focus on my textiles work and wanted to show you the Trebah picture that I have been doing as ( for a change)  I am quite satisfied with it. It might be finished... I'm not sure what more to do, as I don't want to risk spoiling it!

I think this is the first piece where I have managed to incorporate some of the layered techniques that I learnt on my Beyond Patchwork course (... thanks Sue & Carolyn!)

See you all at the end of the month when I hope to have finished some more of my "backlog"!